Meet Our Team

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We want what’s best for you. We cultivate a selection of unique, stylish, and timeless modern and historical homes – benefiting our A-list clientele. We have a knack for matching buyers and sellers with vast experience representing both parties.

Our team gets to know you and your property goals. We strive to help make your real estate dreams a reality. Partner with an agent who negotiates for you!

We understand your unique needs and tastes. Diane Cannon Real Estate at believes you deserve the best, and we do everything we can to foster deep relationship with our clients.

Our extensive history in Laguna and Southern California has given us connections and proprietary knowledge of the area. We know which exclusive properties go on the market and when. For private party sales, we can connect buyers and sellers with properties that are not publicly listed. This is an invaluable service for the discerning customer who wants something that suits their needs that can’t be met by a 2,500-square-foot tract home.

Diane brings a tremendous amount of value to client transactions. Her professional approach to real estate and willingness to collaborate with colleagues on behalf of their clients has allowed her to build an outstanding reputation. For more than 30 years, Diane Cannon has made magical connections between customers and properties.


  • We’re recipients of the Berkshire Hathaway Top 1/2 of 1% for our dedicated work.
  • The National Real Estate Board has acknowledged us with their Award of Excellence.
  • An independent analysis found that we live up to The Gold Standard in Practices & Ethics.
  • We have exclusive listings no other real estate professional can offer.
  • We offer consultation from top stylists and insight from the best interior designers.
  • Unmatched concierge service is our specialty. We’ll give you local guidance, executive viewings, and more.